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The Honeymoon Suite ''Romance is in the AIR''

Step into this Quiet, Luxurious beautiful "Honeymoon Suite"with romantic ambience surrounded by a beautiful indoor pool(heated) and comes with concierge services, chef and chauffeur at request.   "The Honeymoon Suite" offers every amenity that a newly wed, or a romantic couple just trying to getaway to a nice, quiet beautiful hideout is looking for.  In addition to an elegant ambience the suite offers antique furniture, a fireplace, fully stocked refrigerator, tv, free wifi, and a continental breakfast.  It has a gorgeous red tiled bathroom tastefully done.
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The Serenity

Just like it sounds the Serenity Suite offers calm quiet peaceful ambience with a private sun porch attached to it.  Whether an Executive getaway or a small family getaway, the suite can accommodate up to four adults.   Luxurious, Elegant Spacious Suite comes with a fireplace, refrigerator, tv, free wifi and a continental breakfast.   If you need a chef or chauffeur just let us know ahead of time. Full access to a gorgeous indoor heated pool in an amazing setting.   Come if you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable quiet home away from home.
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The Snowbirds Rooms

Looking towards a nice relaxing time in sunny Florida, come stay in our 'Snowbirds" rooms (shared big and beautiful bathroom) Beautiful and elegantly furnished each room has its own tv, refrigerator, wifi and free continental breakfast.   Step outside into a gorgeous heated indoor pool or sip a nice cup of coffee on the house by the pool enjoying a nice quiet soothing view.  If you want dinner cooked or chauffeur service, simply let us know and continue enjoying a relaxed vacation!!
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